Back From Iceland and Post-Processing Away



It’s been a busy month so far, with the highlight being an incredible 8 day journey to Iceland in late September.  The sole purpose of my trip was to photograph Iceland’s immeasurable natural beauty, and on that note the trip was a resounding success.  The weather was fantastic, tourist activity was minimal, and I got one incredible night to shoot the Aurora.  I have a lot to write about Iceland in the coming months, but in the mean time, check out my Iceland Photography page on my website for the best photos of my trip so far.

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DictionArt: A New Shop is Born

In the past few weeks, I opened a new Etsy shop where I offer an ever-expanding selection of Vintage Dictionary Art Prints.  My collection has started out with state and collegiate-themed prints, as well as vintage photos of animals, places, cocktails, and more.  Business is already taking off, but we’re only getting started.  Bookmark my site and come back often as I expand over the coming months!

Vintage Dictionary Art by Andrew Rhodes